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First-Class Service

Have you ever been in a situation where you desperately need something from your Chemist, but it is too late because either the Chemist is shut or won’t deliver it because it has gone past the “cut-off” time?
Well, this is how we handle the situation.
We will liaise with the CareHome and determine a sensible cut-off time for the same-day mid-cycle medication deliveries. This will take into account the timings of the doctor visits and the requirements of the CareHome. Our cut-off times are much later than most other pharmacies, giving the opportunity to the CareHome to start administering the medication on the day it is prescribed.

Upon request, in the event of an emergency, we would make special arrangements to deliver the medication to the CareHome even after the agreed cut-off time. This should provide the very best service to our clients.


Because we are one of the biggest pharmacies in the country, and we self-distribute to our other pharmacies from our own warehouse, we tend to carry a very wide range of stock items, especially for the CareHome residents. These range from specialist dressings, catheters, leg-bags on one end to controlled drugs on the other end of the spectrum. It is rare that we do not have a regular item in stock.

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